Marina and the Diamonds – a splash of Bjork with a dash of Kate Bush

Although I won’t put pop music at the top of my musical genre preference list, I do like pop music – especially when it’s quirky and when the vocals are admirable. The debut album from Marina and the Diamonds, while not faultless, is the first pop album I’ve been intrigued by in quite awhile. A couple of the tracks (I Am Not a Robot, Hollywood) are admittedly a little kitschy, but for the most part “The Family Jewels” is a creative addition to the female pop vocal world. Marina is very Bjork-esque and is often compared to Kate Bush and Tori Amos. She has a ways to go before she’ll live up to those comparisons, but songs and videos like Mowgli’s Road and Obsession show a lot of promise. More than anything, I am excited to see a creative (and vocally talented) contribution to the new generation of pop. ~Camas

One thought on “Marina and the Diamonds – a splash of Bjork with a dash of Kate Bush

  1. Since the first time I heard Marina I thought in Bjork. They do different things I know, but they have that 'weird factor' which makes me associate them. And both are awesome singers!

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