“Camas is a phenomenal talent. In our experience she is organized, timely (that means really, really fast), professional and thorough. She has this innate ability to create consistency out of chaos and she holds herself to a very high standard, delivering stellar work every time. ”

Leslee Hansen
Right Brain, LLC
 “I found working with Camas to be a pleasure. She provided a supportive and professional environment, and was efficient and careful to take the time to make sure the details were tended to.  With the information and intention I provided to Camas, she was able to adjust the material into the appropriate format and the end product was something to be proud of. I would definitely use her editing service and expertise again!”
Teresa Viebrock-Hall,   Child Youth and Family Program Supervisor,   Boundary Family and Individual Services Society, Grand Forks, BC
“Many questions entered my mind when I made the decision to seek professional advice after I sat down to construct my personal statement for Graduate school. Do I really need an editor? Is it worth paying for? Will I lose my voice? Every correspondence I had with Camas ensured me that I was on the right track in choosing an editor. Yes I needed her, absolutely it was worth paying for, and thanks to Camas my voice became stronger and more succinct. Camas enhanced every aspect of my statement, clearly understanding the points I was trying to convey. She transformed my thoughts into eloquently written words. Thanks to her, my statement will stand out against the rest. Certainly this is her passion. Writer, editor, educator. It’s what she does, it’s who she is.”

Stacie Ginkins, PharmD Candidate

One thought on “Testimonials.

  1. I’m just a hobbyist trying to grow a small business. With just a few pointers from Camas I was able to expand my online contacts, and subsequently, through her networking techniques place my jewelry in a local boutique. Camas’ many interests and contacts make her a wonderful media specialist, but what is exceptional about her services is the simplicity by which she can explain how to expand my business at very little cost to me. Her writing is exceptional, and again, when it comes to helping me improve my written presentation her assistance is simple and straightforward. CamasRain’s services are certainly worth the investment.
    Susan Bachmeier

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