Featured Artist: Here Is There

Tulsa natives Here Is There are in a league of their own, and it’s not just because they’re the only band I’ve ever heard of from Tulsa. These guys are in their early twenties but they’ve been playing together since middle school, and have been finding an increasingly more sophisticated sound over the last couple years.

I fell in love with their demo in 2007 and some of their Myspace-exclusive tracks because of the sheer level of dynamics in their sound. The four (now five) piece band brims with mathy instrumental proficiency and a soulful demeanor they marry to traditional progressive rock. The result, however, has more the panty-dropping potential of The Strokes than Yes.
Now they’ve taken on a whole new beast, bringing on board rapper Victor Alonzo to share the bill with mighty lead vocalist Zach Edmondson. Hopefully the coming year will bring us some new material — I’m interested to see where they’re going with this, considering they’ve removed all their former work from their Myspace. Check out some of their older stuff.

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